5 Horribly Classic Winter Movies with Epic Snow Sports Moments

As we approach the marathon of holiday movie reruns, Rankin/Bass stop-motion classics, and the "it-never-gets-old " Chevy Chase Christmas vacation, why not call out a few great athletic winter sports gems hidden in these movies - watching a few of these clips will make your killer runs, epic carves, and brilliant wipe-outs even better.

An Arm for Snowball Fights That Only an Elf Could Master (or Will Farrell)


Michael and Buddy have a snowball fight with threatening kids. From the Warner Bros. film - "Elf"


Chevy Chase Breaks the Land-Speed Record on a Disc Sled


National Lampoons Christmas Vacation scene where Chevy Chase sleds down a hill at hyper speed.




A really brilliant and stupid ski scene from dumb and dumber


Yukon Cornelius Gets Mushed By His Dogs


"I'm off to get my life sustaining supplies... Corn Meal and Gunpowder and Ham Hocks and Guitar Strings"


Happy Holidaze and Enjoy the Slopes!



Kevin R Foote

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