5 Great Exercises You Can Do At Home To Get In Shape for Skiing

If you ski or ride dozens or just a few of days a year, a few simple exercises can get you going and prevent injuries - and you can do these at home.

Each year, resort employees are given many opportunities to take fitness classes to get their bodies "slope-ready."  Not everyone has the access or time for hours of workouts, so here are a few basic routines that in a few minutes a day can prep you for a vacation or a season skiing or riding.  I have a more rigorous routine, but doing something rather than nothing will provide tremendous benefit.

Exercise One: Band Walks

Band Walks are great for strengthening the stabilizing muscles in your hips.


Exercise Two: Heel Walks

Heel walking is a simple, but important key to increasing ankle strength.  Heel Walks help with balance, maintaining strength and agility between your shin and calf.  This can prevent shin splints and can improve your fine muscle movements used in angulation and rotation of your skis.


Exercise Three: alternating Step Ups

A simple, basic exercise can help in upper leg strength, while also getting knee stability working.  I recommend working up to 5 minutes.  If you don't have a formal "step," use a stairway, stool, or stable surface at least 12" high.


Exercise Four: Planks and Side Planks

The basic plank can do a world of wonders for your core strength.  One can't underestimate the importance of core strength in skiing.  You'll be happy if you do these, if only for a few minutes a day.  


EXERCISE five:  Toy soldiers

Having flexible hamstrings is crucial for skiing and snowboarding. Dynamic stretches like the toy soldier are effective in stretching and toning the primary ligaments used in core and leg balance.  Toy Soldiers are easy to do and fun.  


Try these out.  There is much more you can do, but a few minutes a day even with these basic exercises will make your time on the slopes more enjoyable and hopefully injury free.  

Kevin R Foote

marketing exec | digital evangelist | trend spotter | outdoor enthusiast | x-Google Kevin Foote is an independent advisor and interim executive for private equity & venture capital firms, investors and their portfolio companies. His focus – rapid growth and capital optimization through the transformation of marketing and sales in the face of digital adoption and the changing customer-corporation dynamic. He and his clients expect rapid execution and results. Kevin's career in marketing, advertising, and strategic planning have nurtured his passion for understanding basic human truths and how individuals' beliefs, perceptions, and preferences are formed. He is focused on forging deep relationships and creating partnerships to unlock big ideas and activate brands through the innovative use of digital marketing and technologies. His blog, The Blurred, explores the overlap of our digital and physical lives. In his recent role at Google, Kevin had the privilege of working closely with the leadership of the world's leading creative and media agencies as a digital marketing evangelist. Prior, Kevin served as the Managing Director of Marketing at United Airlines Mileage Plus, the worlds largest frequent flyer program. However, his roots are deep in the digital domain, having worked at several agencies, including Leo Burnett and Digitas, for over a decade. At Digitas, Kevin was the Group Director of Strategy in the Midwest and Global Account Director on major accounts. He has had the privilege of working with great brands including Crate&Barrell, Purina, Energizer, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, P&G, and Microsoft. His career began in strategy consulting, working at both Braxton Associates (Deloitte Consulting) and Parthenon Group. He received his MBA from Kellogg and holds undergraduate degrees from MIT.